Alaska cops let woman go after she flashed ‘white privilege’ card

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A woman showed police officers in Alaska her “white privilege” card instead of her driver’s licence during a traffic stop and they let her go without a citation.

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The Anchorage cops are now in trouble because they violated department policy, the Anchorage Daily News reports.

It’s unclear what policy was violated or what disciplinary action was taken against the two officers, if any, but it’s being treated as a confidential personnel matter, officials said.

While Deputy Chief Sean Case said the department always has room for changes or addition to their training, the incident involving Mimi Israelah did not lead to any policy updates, the outlet reported.

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Israelah was stopped by officers on July 7, according to her since-deleted Facebook post in which she took a selfie holding up a “white privilege card” with one of the officers smiling outside the car.

The Filipina noted she was stopped after picking up pizza and couldn’t find her driver’s license, so she instead showed police the card she bought from a novelty website.

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