You’re telling me we could have had reversible USB cables all along?

What the hell, guys, why haven’t we had reversible USB cables on our peripherals for years? I mean, I get that with USB Type-C it no longer matters which way around you plug in your cable—unless you’re some absolute monster, that is—but we could have had that all along with the classic, ‘normal’ USB plugs. Or did everyone else already know this, and my astonishment at finding this Lightning cable-looking bastard in the box of a new keyboard is just me being waaay behind the times?

I’ve been checking out a bunch of new keyboards recently, such as the glorious little Mountain Everest 60 and the almost glorious NZXT Function MiniTKL, but neither have had my jaw hit the floor so hard as when pulling the Kemove K68 Butterfly out of its box.

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