Warframe Zarium Accolade location guide

Getting Zarium Accolade in Warframe isn’t too difficult, if you know where to look. Or, rather, listen. The bounty that asks you to find this resource becomes available after you’ve started the new The Angels of the Zariman missions, but quite a few of us are having trouble tracking it down. I’m here to help.

Angels of the Zariman is Warframe’s newest update and it includes a new frame, the electric-powered ballerina, Gyre, and player housing. There are also new endless modes along with more quests and story to get stuck into. But since you probably know all that by now, here’s what you’re actually looking for: In this Warframe Zarium Accolade guide, you’ll find out how to find the resource and return it to Melica so you can complete this pesky bounty.

Warframe Zarium Accolade: How to find and take it to Melica

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