This single PCIe 4.0 RAID controller can deliver a ridiculous 28,000 MB/s in SSD bandwidth speeds

Have you ever wanted support for eight NVMe SSDs? You’re thinking too small. Imagine the possibility of plugging sixteen NVMe SSDs into your PC. You’ll never have to think about storage for the rest of your days. Well, Highpoint’s new NVMe raid controllers will allow just that and deliver some irresponsibly high SSD speeds to boot. 

HighPoint launched a new series of RAID controllers (via (opens in new tab)) that can only be described as too much. The SSD7540 RAID controller supports up to 8 x 8TB Gen 4 NVMe SSDs for 64TB with read speeds up to 28,000 MB/s. The launch trailer above shows the single card getting a read score on Crystal Mark of 28,315.27MB/s and a write score of 27,952.95MB/s. 

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