This Elden Ring player’s illustrated journal makes me wish I could draw

One reason Elden Ring has gripped absolutely everyone right now is simply because it’s massive. It’s just huge, gargantuan, sprawling. It’s a big game (some say too big) that many people will never hope to finish, and yet, nobody can stop talking about it. FromSoftware games have continuously trended upward in popularity, but its new open world game, probably helped by the limits on our very own open world right now, has taken off in a way that’s heartening as a long-time Souls fan. These games have always been tremendously intricate worlds with strange characters and creatures. To see the game filtered through so many different perspectives is like being in some kind of global book club.

My Twitter feed is saturated with Elden Ring, be it stunning screenshots or wide-eyed impressions of the game’s unrelenting beauty and horror. The art is my favorite to see though. Rarely have I seen FromSoftware’s eccentric characters so lovingly depicted. Everyone has a favorite NPC that they can’t get out of their head, especially artists. Some love the beauty of Ranni’s moonlit grace, some like to imagine a much more sympathetic Malenia, and others are just fully down bad for Blaidd. The deluge of drawings reminds me of the Overwatch fandom in 2016, when all kinds of artists lined up to sketch out its eclectic cast and share it.

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