The Cycle: Frontier Janitor Key: Where to use it

It’s not hard to find the Janitor Key in The Cycle: Frontier, but knowing where to use it might be a little more tricky. There are several different keys to be found on Fortuna III and each one will unlock a door so you can nab the goodies inside to help you survive against the dangers of the wilderness—and other players.

The Janitor Key is slightly different though, and you may be scratching your head if you think you’ve exhausted all possible locations. If you’d rather not risk the loot you’ve already gathered by running around aimlessly, this guide will help you out. Here’s what you need to know about The Cycle: Frontier Janitor Key, including where you might find one, and where to use it.

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Where to use the Janitor Key in The Cycle: Frontier 

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