The biggest disappointments of not-E3

In the deluge of game announcements (opens in new tab) during what we at PC Gamer have been referring to as ‘not-E3’ (mostly because it stuck), there have been a few showings that didn’t quite hit. It was definitely a quieter-than-usual year, despite strong showings from a few standout games (opens in new tab).

There was still loads of games at not-E3 (opens in new tab), and plenty we’re eager to play when we get a chance. But some of the others didn’t grip us. These are the games and E3 trends that left us cold, often with more questions than answers.

 Starfield is just ugly No Man’s Sky 


(Image credit: Bethesda)

Fraser Brown, Online Editor: Bethesda has been so vague when it comes to Starfield that I had no expectations for its reveal at not-E3 this year, and yet it still somehow managed to be a massively disappointing showcase. At least we actually know what Starfield is now: it’s ugly No Man’s Sky. 

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