The best Lost Ark Paladin build

The best Lost Ark Paladin builds are split between the two things the class is good at: buffing, and dealing a semi-decent amount of damage. Unlike Lost Ark’s other support, the Bard, Paladins can only heal if built for it, and even then won’t be able to spam healing in the traditional MMO way. Still, the help they provide means paladins are always popular in the matchmaking queue. You’ll rarely have trouble finding a group when playing one.

As a warrior advanced class, the Paladin can be specced for damage as well. He’s got that big sword for a reason, after all. Even a Paladin designed with support in mind won’t have trouble leveling or taking on Chaos Dungeons solo, though the same can’t be said for all of Lost Ark’s repeatable activities—climbing the Tower as a Paladin is a total ballache.

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