Streamer xQc admits to $2 million in gambling losses last month, gets told off by his dad on stream

Streamer Félix Lengyel, better-known by his online alias xQc, has admitted that he spaffed about two million dollars up the wall on gambling last month. xQc’s career began in professional Overwatch, before he switched to full-time content streaming, and he has been for several years the most-watched personality on Twitch. According to last year’s leak of Twitch internal data, he is the highest-paid star on the service: raking in an estimated $8 million since 2019.

The gambling stuff is not all that new: xQc has in the past talked about his issues, and indeed often streams himself gambling: as he’s said previously “every game I play, all I do is gamble”. He unloaded about it on a podcast with another highly successful streamer, Pokimane, while discussing a poker tournament, saying “it’s fun, I can afford it, I can afford doing it.” When Pokimane asked about whether he had as much fun gambling when no-one was watching, xQc responded:

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