Soulstice is budget Devil May Cry, but I kind of dig it

Soulstice, the character action game from Reply Game Studios, doesn’t ask a lot of you. If you’re a regular Devil May Cry fan, this game will probably look a little lacking in comparison. It’s much smaller in scope and lacks the honed-in fluidity that fuels Capcom’s iconic series. And if you’re mostly new to character action games, like me, you might have to lower your expectations to appreciate the game’s limited, but admirable ambitions.

Despite the name, Soulstice is not anywhere close to a Soulslike (opens in new tab). It’s a fast-paced action game that briefly stalls every time your weapon collides with an enemy, whose bodies go flying as you swing your massive weapons around its open combat arenas. It even cuts to different camera angles as you lead main character Briar through its grimy, dark fantasy locations. Soulstice isn’t a copy of games like Bayonetta, but it’s deeply inspired by them and it shows.

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