Overwatch 2 has a new way to judge other players, and I’m nervous

For as much flak as Battlefield 2042 caught last year for launching without a traditional scoreboard, this has been business as usual for the last six years of Overwatch. The Overwatch score screen lets you see your own performance stats, such as your kill and death counts, but obfuscates the stats of your teammates and enemies. Well, obfuscate no more: Overwatch 2’s new PvP beta has a real, honest-to-god scoreboard, and it’s putting me on edge.

There’s nothing inherently scary about a colorful spreadsheet, of course, but I’m skeptical that this one will make Overwatch 2 more fun. At worst, the new scoreboard could make Overwatch 2 less fun, especially for solo players.

Overwatch 2’s new scoreboard (Image credit: Blizzard)

Tensions run high in competitive shooters, especially in games like Overwatch, where a single teammate underperforming can be the difference between the team winning or losing. There’s a lot of pressure to perform well—if not to win the match, then at least to spare yourself from being harassed by other players in text or voice chat. 

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