Our favorite game, trailer, and absurd claim made by a developer from not-E3

Not-E3 is over. Well, wait, it isn’t? It’s bleeding into the days and weeks to come a bit, with Capcom making a presentation today and Ubisoft still likely to do something in July, we think.

Even with the different format of this year’s presentations, the spirit of the thing was the same: we flew to Los Angeles and played some games, we watched a large sum of trailers, and we emerge from that process with a set of feelings. And you, dear reader, are the recipient of those feelings. This is the closest thing to an award that we’re giving out for this year’s Not-E3, G3, “Keigh3,” or whatever your preferred portmanteau. 

👑 The best game of Not-E3: Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

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