Neon Genesis Evangelion Cosplayer Builds Incredible Mech Suit

A Neon Genesis Evangelion cosplay suit

I’ve lost count of the amount of Neon Genesis Evangelion cosplay I’ve posted on this site over the last 10 years, but pretty much all of it has been focused on the anime’s characters, especially Rei and Asuka. It’s enormous mechs are a somewhat trickier proposition.

A fact that hasn’t stopped Maolo one bit, with this Eva-01 cosplay that’s as remarkable for its finish as it is its flexibility. While the pic up top (and the one below) look like they’re promo shots for a very expensive action figure, they’re actually a functional suit—complete with lighting—that gives Maolo a full range of movement.

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The 01 here is Maolo’s third attempt at an Evangelion unit outfit, so they’ve learned a thing or two over the years, and is the result of a whopping seven months of work.

If you’re wondering how the suit can look so crisp while also being so flexible, Maolo has leaned on the classics here for inspiration. Nearly the entire unit is made of pieces of foam that have been individually wrapped in coloured, synthetic leather, which unlike painted pieces can look a lot smoother and metallic.

It’s a technique that allows for a suit that both looks and moves well, and is the way shows like Power Rangers (and countless other tokusatsu series) have been made for decades.

I’ve mentioned a few times now how the suit moves without actually showing it, so here’s a short video Maolo made that highlights how the suit allows for a surprisingly quick and natural range of movement for something that’s so angular and has so many pieces.

You can see more of Maolo’s amazing cosplay work at their Twitter page, including shots of one of their other Evangelion suits, like the one below.

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