MSI had to sacrifice everything to hit this 10,004MT/s DDR5 RAM overclock

MSI’s own overclocking team has managed to push a single stick of DDR5 over the 5,000MHz barrier to set a new record for RAM overclocking. The team used the company’s MEG Z690 Unify-X motherboard to push a single stick of Kingston Fury Beast DDR5-4800 RAM to 5001.8MHz to give an effective transfer rate of 10,004MT/s. MSI says it hit 10,004MHz, which is technically incorrect but effectively spot on due to how double data rate RAM works.

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There are always plenty of caveats when it comes to memory overclocking, and it’s no different here. Apart from only using a single stick of RAM, and setting the latencies down to a ludicrously sluggish 76, the rest of the system had to be heavily gimped in order to hit the frankly ludicrous speed. That involved running the CPU at 425MHz and turning off all but one of the CPU’s physical cores.

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