Metroid 64 fan project is coming to PC

Metroid 64 is one of the great mysteries of the N64 era. Beyond a few screenshots, nothing came of what would’ve been the first 3D Metroid game, though in hindsight perhaps it was for the best: the series had a triumphant return on GameCube with the excellent Metroid Prime, and all was well. Last week, however, Kotaku discovered that indie developer Luto Akino isn’t ready to put the Metroid 64 dream to bed, and is building his own Metroid game in the tech, style and design that an N64 version might have had.

Now, these kinds of projects often end up on PC, but just to confirm that this wasn’t one of those undertakings where the game was being made for actual N64 console cartridges, we reached out to Akino, who confirmed that “it’s for PC,” adding that “perhaps it would be good to change the ’64’ for something else, but the truth is that it adds strength, sentimentality and helps the player immerse directly in that time.”

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