Let Me Solo Her’s glorious 1000th battle was a nail biter

Let Me Solo Her has now defeated the hardest boss in Elden Ring 1,000 times. There are 165 bosses in the game and he has killed one of them six times that amount. Elden Ring’s ultimate folk hero, who has been immortalized with 3D models, fan art, and imitators, streamed the final fight to thousands of people yesterday and, intentionally or not, nearly got solo’d himself in the final minutes of the battle.

The first phase of his 1,000th Malenia kill looks fairly subdued, or as subdued as a flawless fight with the game’s most notoriously difficult boss can go. Let Me Solo Her, with his naked body and pot helmet, slashed away her health without taking a single hit. Then, as Malenia readied for round two, he smashed play on the game’s iconic theme song.

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