In Deceive Inc. you can disguise yourself as anything, and so can your enemies.

Deathloop is a slick shooter with a cleverly integrated 1v1 multiplayer mode that could really be an entire game on its own. Deceive Inc. (opens in new tab), which just got a new trailer at today’s PC Gaming Show (opens in new tab), looks like that game with a lot of ambition and a little of Prop Hunt sprinkled in.

Deceive Inc. pulls the camera out on the small-scale skirmishes between Colt and Julianna in Deathloop (opens in new tab) and sets the game on bigger levels that give more ’70s spy heroes a chance to out-smart each other. The key trick in this FPS is that everyone has a special watch that lets them mimic objects in the environment as they sneak or blast their way to the objective. Like in Prop Hunt, you’ll have to keep a careful eye on potted plants and chairs so that they don’t shoot you in the back.

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