I designed the perfect school in Two Point Campus, if you ignore my debt

Education is the foundation of our society. Students are expected to get great marks through primary, secondary, and for some, higher education too. As a student I diligently concentrated on my grades… sometimes. But as an institutional boss in Two Point Campus, I was more concerned with placing the staff room darts board.

Two Point Campus puts you in the shoes of a school administrator looking to build the best education environment possible for the students of Two Point County. You’ll have to cater to their wants and needs from library desks to food vendors to keep them fed. Balancing work and play for both teachers and students is of the utmost importance. And although you may get yourself into debt, see some students drop out, and struggle to keep your staff energised, it’s still a bundle of fun. 

I started my journey in Freshleigh Meadows, a small town college where “life moves slowly and expectations are… lowly”. This is the perfect place to start your career as a campus administrator. You’re trying your best and that’s all that matters. As long as you give these students the basics and a dollop of goodwill, they’re happy to take a chance on your budding career.

Two Point Campus

(Image credit: Two Point Studios / SEGA)

First thing’s first, you need a course to teach. There isn’t much point in having a college without something to learn, is there? The courses of Two Point Campus aren’t exactly conventional either. Scientography, as you may have guessed it from the name, is science in an unusual format. It’s not the usual sitting around with bunsen burners and litmus tests—rather your students crowd around a gargantuan flask-shaped machine with far too many buttons and have a go pressing them. A giant hammer whacks away at the flask while multicoloured steam (or is that smoke) plumes from its spout. That’s the science I wish I took at school.

The science I wish I took at school

When I asked Ben Huskins, the design director at Two Point Studios and senior producer Jo Koehler about creating these courses and their interpretations, they reference the serious medical conditions Two Point’s last game, Two Point Hospital, tackled like Denim Jean or Shock Horror. Huskins says: “Obviously with Two Point Hospital it’s all slightly, well completely bonkers. And so we asked, what’s the equivalent of that?

Two Point Campus

(Image credit: Two Point Studios / SEGA)

“As we started making Campus it felt like the courses were the obvious place to give us that scope for having some courses that feel more grounded in reality, like Scientography. The reason we put that at the start of the game was that everyone recognises science and thinks about having science classes at school, but let’s put a bit of twist on it. And then as the game progresses we gradually get introduced to the even more weird and wonderful courses.”

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