Holy Moley, season 4 of Super Animal Royale has you battling some big moles

Super Animal Royale does not contain the sort of woodland creatures you find in children’s movies, fluttering around a princess as she warbles about her evil family or a handsome man she met five minutes ago. These critters may still be every bit as adorable, but they’re packing serious heat and are ready for the cutest fight to the death. 

The brutally cuddly battle royale is already approaching its fourth season, and as we saw at the PC Gaming Show (opens in new tab), it looks every bit as sweet and spicy as we’ve come to expect. The new season brings a terrifying giant mole, and unlike Super Animal Royale’s delivery mole, I don’t think he’s here to bring you power-up goodies. You’ll have to work together to take him down before he swipes and scratches every last one of your cuddly teammates.

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