Halo Infinite’s Warthog just put on 170 pounds

Halo Infinite’s Warthog is a lightweight. That might sound like a diss, but I say it with love—of all seven iterations of Halo’s iconic four-wheeled gun truck, I actually like Infinite’s best. It’s fast, looks cool as heck, turns corners on a dime, and doesn’t flip over every time I bound over a medium-sized rock. But I have to admit that it doesn’t really feel like a classic Warthog. Infinite’s hog is so quick and light that it glides across dirt. It feels more like a zippy supercar than Bungie’s original big-boned humvee, and 343 is trying to do something about that in Halo Infinite’s Season 2 update.

That’s right, Halo Infinite has Warthog patch notes, and they’re surprisingly extensive.

halo warthog patch notes

(Image credit: 343 Industries)

“The Warthog’s tire positions and suspension have been adjusted to better improve its handling on uneven terrain,” read the official patch notes. Sounds simple enough, but click on the “Developer Notes” dropdown below that and you get into the nitty gritty truck tweaks. 343 said the Warthog was “taking the bumps in the road rougher than it should,” causing it to “twist or roll a frustrating amount.”

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