From ION LANDS and 505 Games comes Nivalis, a beautiful voxel-art cyberpunk life simulator

It’s a future we’re all familiar with.

Uneven skyscrapers of neon and steel as far as the eye can see. Advanced technologies that blurs the line between physical and digital. And beneath its technicolor mask, there’s an undercurrent of violence, crime, and corporate greed. 

Like most people, you’ve probably wondered what it would be like to actually live in such a future. Not as a skilled hacker, street samurai, or corporate enforcer, but as an ordinary citizen. Someone who’s less concerned with toppling society than they are with what they’ll have for dinner. 

NIvalis Street Level

(Image credit: ION Lands)

Developed by ION LANDS and published by 505 Games, life simulator and management game Nivalis will give you that chance. The titular city is a vast metropolis that stretches from the coastline to the clouds, and moreover a veritable feast for the eyes. Its unique voxel art aesthetic lends it a degree of charm that many other cyberpunk titles lack, made all the more immersive by realistic weather simulation and day/night cycles.  

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