Former eBay exec pleads guilty to mailing critics live insects and a funeral wreath in bizarre harassment campaign

eBay’s former director of global resiliency, David Harville, pleaded guilty to conspiring with other eBay executives in a harassment campaign against two critics of the company, according to The Guardian. eBay is known to us as the place people go to resell GPUs with a 300% markup, but it can be a source for good PC component deals and rare boxed games—and, as seen in this shockingly bizarre story, free spiders. 

Ina and David Steiner run a news site, EcommerceBytes, that covers online retailers. The pair caught the attention of eBay executives after publishing some articles critical of the company. A group of former senior and executive-level employees were charged with coordinating a harassment campaign against the couple in June 2020. 

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