Elden Ring survival mod adds hunger, thirst, region-specific diseases

For a certain type of gamer, sprawling open worlds cry out for one thing: survival systems. Survival fans crave the chance to not just explore and conquer, but really feel like they inhabit their game worlds, and nothing accomplishes that like having to take care of certain needs for your character: hunger, thirst, heat and cold, disease, and extensive resource management and crafting systems.

Those systems are coming to the biggest open world game in recent memory, Elden Ring, courtesy of Dark Souls modder Grimrukh. You may know Grimrukh’s name from the excellent Dark Souls: Nightfall and Dark Souls: Daughters of Ash mods. Grumrukh released a teaser for Elden Ring: Survival Mode on Twitter, which provides a quick look at what appears to be a pretty extensive survival mod:

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