Elden Ring players are reverse farming AFK PvPers

Usually, if you want to farm for runes to level up in Elden Ring (opens in new tab), you go wipe out a dozen enemies over and over until you’re satisfied. It turns out, this is too much for some players who’d rather not have to press any buttons to get runes. These players are squatting in impossible-to-reach spots in the world and luring invaders in for easy runes while they’re alt-tabbed or completely AFK.

It’s a lousy rune farm compared to ones that don’t waste other people’s time (opens in new tab). AFK rune farmers use Torrent to jump to places that you can’t get to on foot (usually in Limgrave), and then using the Taunter’s Tongue to bring in enemy players. Nobody can use the horse in multiplayer, so the enemy invaders can’t reach the AFK rune farmer by normal means. These players are betting on the PvP invader’s confusion or frustration to get a reward.

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