Deathloop now has a photo mode and better accessibility options

Deathloop, for me, was one of the most stylish games of 2021. Though firmly set as a shooter on a little dystopian island, there was something very Met Gala about a man in hot pink trying to kill you as you run away screaming. The fashion of the characters and NPCs is something special, as is the highly stylised world they inhabit, so it’s only natural that Arkane has finally introduced a photo mode along with other accessibility options in a recent update.

Bethesda has released a little YouTube video celebrating the photo mode by showing us its versatility. As with most photo modes you can pose Colt in a number of positions to make him fit in with the world effortlessly. But you can also swap him out for the assassin Julianna and live out your murderous fantasies that way. Pretty neat to be able to dip into the game, although quite a bit after its initial release, and look at the attention to detail Arkane had with the project.

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