Combine Wordle with GeoGuessr and you’ve got a new daily fixation: Wheredle

The permutations on the Wordle formula continue—just the other day I wrote about Cloudle (opens in new tab), where you guess the five-day weather forecast in a city somewhere in the world. A recent version of Wordle for movie buffs (opens in new tab) has become a daily favorite, and just last week someone made Wordle work in Minecraft (opens in new tab).

Today I’ve got another Wordle-ish daily puzzle game for you, this one with a geographic theme that’s sure to appeal to fans of the long-running Geoguessr (opens in new tab). It’s called Wheredle (opens in new tab), and each day it shows you the Google Maps street view of a location in the United States. Your challenge is to figure out which state you’re in. You can use the navigation arrows to move up and down the streets and click and drag to move the camera around as you try to spot clues on signs and shops, recognize landmarks, or as the game suggests, discern the location’s “vibes.”

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