Bungie admits Destiny 2’s Solar 3.0 did not melt anyone’s face off

Destiny 2 sandbox discipline lead Kevin Yanes made no bones about his hopes for the rework of the Solar subclasses that recently went live alongside Season of the Haunted: “Ideally, it melts your face off,” he said last week (opens in new tab). In today’s This Week at Bungie (opens in new tab) update, however, Yanes acknowledged that Solar 3.0, as it’s known, has not landed with sufficient spice. 

“Initial reactions to Solar have not met our ‘new thing that melts your face off’ bar,” Yanes wrote, and he’s not wrong. The day that Solar 3.0 dropped, r/DestinyTheGame (opens in new tab) was flooded with threads about how the Dawnblade Warlock’s options to play as support medic had been gutted, while Sunbreaker Titan mains bemoaned the changes to the way the Sunspot ability now worked. 

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