Battle royale Super People begins its final closed beta testing in August

Battle royale shooters are some of the most engaging and exciting multiplayer games out there, and the highly-anticipated Super People—a battle royale that blends tight, satisfying gunplay in both the first and third-person perspective with powerful and unique character abilities—is one of the most interesting ones on the horizon. 

The game was received very positively by fans that participated in previous alpha and periods of closed beta testing (CBT), with many praising the game’s unique approach to battle royale design. And since the development team has announced that it’s hosting a special livestream on June 16, 2022 about the future of Super People, they won’t have to wait long to learn more about when they can jump back into the action.

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The core battle royale formula of scavenging for loot and gearing up as a constricting zone pushes players into engagements with one another is present in the game, but the core of what sets Super People apart from other battle royales are its character abilities. Each playable character in the game has a unique ability and a specialized firearm that can give them an edge. For example, one character can unlock an ability that allows them to level a location with a large explosion, while another can make use of a massive gatling gun that rips enemies apart. 

As players take down their opponents and use Super Capsule consumables throughout a match, these abilities will gradually unlock—and as the final handful of surviving players engage one another for a chance at victory, using these abilities tactically alongside your collected gear is paramount.

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Speaking of gear, Super People also features a wide variety of weapons, armor, consumables, and more that you’ll find as you move throughout the map. Super People’s pistols, SMGs, and rifles all feel great to use and can be customized with attachments, while items like grenades and medkits give you the utility you need to take on your peers and emerge victorious. Many pieces of gear can also be crafted using materials found around the map, giving resourceful players a way to expand their arsenal beyond the items they found through standard scavenging. This crafting system is one of the biggest things that sets Super People apart from other battle royales, and being able to craft what you need at any given moment gives players an incredible amount of flexibility.

Another highlight of Super People is the dynamic nature of its zone. The zone at the start of each match is smaller than the overall map, which means that each game takes place in different playable spaces from start to end. Also, the size of the initial zone will scale up or down based on the number of players in the match, ensuring that the map won’t feel empty or lifeless if the match lobby isn’t full. The map itself is also impressive and full of interesting landmarks, too—as you duke it out with other players, you can admire the beautiful cherry blossom trees in Hazleton and Galena, explore Triville’s unique urban architecture, or investigate the eerie and mystic Abandoned Manor.

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Super People looks to be an excellent battle royale that will shake up the genre, and fans from the alpha and previous periods of CBT have been hoping to learn when they’ll be able to get their hands back on the game for further playtesting. Those hopes have been answered, as developer Wonder People recently announced that the final wave of CBT for Super People would kick off in August 2022. 

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