Backfirewall_ is an existential comedy puzzler about an outdated OS

Meta comedy puzzler Backfirewall is about a smartphone operating system with an owner who’s much more responsible than I am: OS9 is due for an update, and apparently they’re not planning to press “remind me later” for 30 days. Your job as Update Assistant is to make sure OS9 gets replaced with OS10. Of course, OS9 would rather not take a big sleep in the digital recycle bin, so you’ll have to take a bit of a puzzling journey to enforce the will of the Update Protocol.

Naraven Games has revealed the “tragicomedy” with a goofy, meta trailer during today’s PC Gaming Show (opens in new tab), and there are shades of Stanley Parable and Portal in it. Think GladOS, but more of a “no worries if not” energy than “exterminate”. (I say that now, but maybe OS9 will get feisty as the threat of an update looms.)

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