Arma 4 devs reflect on finally leaving behind its 20-year-old engine

It’s not easy to throw away everything you’ve made and start from scratch, but that’s exactly what Bohemia Interactive did when it started planning the next generation Arma. We sat down with Bohemia ahead of the PC Gaming Show 2022 to talk about the future of Arma and just how big of a leap forward its new Enfusion engine is for the original milsim.

We’re now a few weeks behind the surprise release of Arma Reforger, a $30 appetizer (opens in new tab) for an eventual Arma 4 meant to show off the capabilities of the Enfusion engine and get Arma’s active modders in on the ground floor of its new toolset. With only a single Everon map, one multiplayer mode, a limited pool of guns and vehicles, and an upfront plan to only update the game for a year, Reforger is effectively a paid demo meant only for the hardest-core Arma fans and modders.

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