And now: a cute monster breeding game from a former genetic engineering tech

When RujiK first played Dragon Quest Monsters, they were disappointed that the results of monster cross-breeding were so… predictable. Every combination was predetermined: set formulas of slimes, drackys, and orcs produced set results, with little call for experimentation.

Years later and now a developer, RujiK is trying to rectify that childhood disappointment with a game named Socket Beast (working title), whose big draw over other monster catchers is its vibrant, GBA-esque art style coupled with a unique animation system which supports combining the game’s creatures into potentially thousands of unique offspring. One of RuijiK’s WIP demonstrations of the game exploded on Twitter, with a GIF of the game’s cheeky little critters exploring its vibrant environments retweeted well over 15,000 times in just a day.

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