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What is it? A standalone version of a Thieves Guild questline from an imaginary Elder Scrolls game.

Expect to pay: £12.99/$15.99

Developer: Four Circle Interactive

Publisher: Fireshine Games

Release date: Out now

Reviewed on: Windows 10, AMD Ryzen 5 5600X Six Core CPU, 16GB RAM, Nvidia Geforce RTX 3060

Multiplayer? No

Link: Steam page (opens in new tab) 

In the dead of night, a local busybody comes straight to the door of your flat with gossip. Evidently, there’s no Facebook in Abermore. “The puddle’s back,” he says. This pool of liquid sits on the city’s thoroughfares, apparently, and looks normal enough at a glance. But when carriages pass through, it doesn’t splash. And while reflective, it never shows an image. Residents suspect it’s fathoms deep. Oh: and that anything falling in turns to metal.

“Transports itself across the city, coming and going as it pleases,” says the busybody. “It’s a small patch of wrong.”

(Image credit: Four Circle Interactive)

If only there were just one small patch of wrong in Abermore. Somewhere below the surface of this game, there’s a perfectly charming heist simulator that channels Thief and Skyrim’s Dark Brotherhood quests. But it’s drowning—not just in puddles, but oceans of wrong.

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