Yoo In Soo to join Ra Mi Ran and Lee Do Hyun’s new K-drama “Bad Mom”

Yoo In Soo will be joining Ra Mi Ran, Lee Do Hyun, and Ahn Eun Jin on the upcoming JTBC K-drama “Bad Mom.”

Yoo In Soo’s agency Management District confirmed on January 17 that the actor’s next project will be the upcoming K-drama “Bad Mom.” He will portray the role named Bang Sam Shik. 

This will be the follow-up project of Yoo In Soo after starring in the hit K-drama “Alchemy of Souls Season 2: Light and Shadow” with Lee Jae Wook, Go Youn Jung, NU’EST’s Hwang Min Hyun, Shin Seung Ho, Yoo Joon Sang, and Oh Na Ra. 

Yoon In Soo is booked and busy just like last year. Aside from “Bad Mother,” the actor will also star in the upcoming K-dramas “The Uncanny Counter 2” and “Daily Dose of Sunshine.” 

He will also join the new movie titled “You Did Great!” together with Yoo Sun Ho, Kang Mi Na, Shin Soo Hyun, Seo Hye Won, and Lee Chan Hyung. 

Yoon In Soo made his acting debut in 2017 through the JTBC K-drama “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.” Since then, he has appeared in several series such as “School 2017,” “While You Were Sleeping,” “Avengers Social Club,” “Life,” “My ID Is Gangnam Beauty,” “Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter,” “Moment at Eighteen,” “At a Distance, Spring Is Green,” “All of Us Are Dead,” and more. 

“Bad Mom” is the collaboration work of director Shim Na Yeon (“Beyond Evil” and “Moment at Eighteen”) and writer Bae Se Young (“Extreme Job” and “Stellar: A Magical Ride”). 

The upcoming series will revolve around the relationship between a single mother and his son. Young Soon, a mother who has no choice but to become a bad mother to her child, and her son Kang Ho who will return to being a child because of amnesia after an unexpected accident. 

Yoon Soo will portray the role of Bang Sam Shik. He is known as a troublemaker but also has a pure heart for being loyal and having a crush on only one girl since childhood. 

“Bad Mom” will air in the first half of this year. The upcoming K-drama will join JTBC’s Wednesday and Thursday K-drama timeslot.


Are you excited to see the chemistry between Yoo In Soo and Lee Do Hyun in the upcoming K-drama “Bad Mom”?

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