Upcoming comedy K-drama “Bad Mom” confirms its main cast

The upcoming JTBC K-drama “Bad Mom” confirms its main leads.

On January 12, JTBC announced that Ra Mi Ran, Lee Do Hyun, and Ahn Eun Jin will be the main leads of the upcoming comedy K-drama “Bad Mom.” 

“Bad Mom” is a healing comedy K-drama that will tell the story of Young Soon, a mother who has no choice but to become a bad mother to her child, and her son Kang Ho who will return to being a child because of amnesia after an unexpected accident. 

The upcoming series will be the latest work of director Shim Na Yeon (“Beyond Evil” and “Moment at Eighteen”) and writer Bae Se Young (“Extreme Job” and “Stellar: A Magical Ride”). 

“Bad Mom” will premiere in the first half of 2023. It will be part of JTBC’s Wednesday and Thursday K-drama timeslot. 

Lee Do Hyun will portray the role of Kang Ho. Her mother was harsh to her while growing up so he became a cold-blooded prosecutor with secrets. He only aims for success in this world. Unfortunately, he became a victim of an accident that gave him amnesia and he thinks like a child once again. He will live a new life together with his bad mother. 

The actor commented on starring in the upcoming series, “I’m grateful and excited to work with great people. There are many difficult moments but thanks to the directors, writers, and actors who are working with me, I think this will be an interesting challenge than fear. I’ll do my best so please look at me fondly.”

Ra Mi Ran will portray the role of the bad mother named Young Soon. She became a bad mother in order not to bear the pain and protect her child as she raises him alone. She will have a sudden change wherein she will be crueler to her son when she feels sorry after the accident.

The versatile actress also gave her message in joining the drama, “This drama is possible because of the hard work that the great actors and staff did. It’s a warm drama that will melt your heart and will also give you laughter. Please look forward to the upcoming drama that will be filmed completely when it premieres.”

Ahn Eun Jin also shared her thoughts on being part of the series. the actress stated, “I wish to be part of this after seeing the life of the character named Mi Joo. She lives her life full of confidence and positivity despite hardship and adversity. I’m thrilled to show a new side of me through ‘Bad Mom.’I am also excited to work with director Shim Na Yeon and the many seniors in the series. I’m enjoying the filming in a fun place.”


What are your thoughts on the main casts of the upcoming K-drama “Bad Mom”?

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