The upcoming Disney+ K-drama “Race” announces its official cast lineup!

The upcoming K-drama “Race” revealed its main cast.

On December 13th, Disney+ announced that Lee Yun Hee, Hong Jong Hyun, Moon So Ri, and TVXQ’s U-Know will be the main leads of the upcoming k-drama “Race.” It was also revealed that the series will be released in the first half of 2023. 

“Race” is the new work of director Lee Dong Yoon the same director of the k-dramas “She Would Never Know,” “20th Century Boy and Girl,” and “Fated to Love You.” The script will be written by Kim Roo Ri (“Hyena”). 

The upcoming series is an office drama that will revolve around a passionate employee named Park Yoon Jo who will meet her role model Gu Yi Jung after getting hired at a large company’s public relation office wherein her best friend Ryu Jae Min is also part of.

Aside from the main leads, Jo Han Chul and Baek Ji Won will also join the upcoming drama. 

“Race” will be added to the k-drama lineup of Disney+ for 2023. There is no exact date yet for the premiere of “Race.”

Lee Yun Hee will play the role of Park Yoon Jo. She is an ordinary worker born in 1990. Just like the others, she is living hard without any connections, great academic background, or family that will back her up. She looks up to a successful woman named Gu Yi Jung. 

Hong Jong Hyun will play the role of Ryu Jae Min. He is a top employee at a public relations office of a large company. He is recognized for his skills. He separates private life and work.

Moon So Ri will give life to the character named Gu Yi Jung. She is an expert in the public relations industry. She will showcase her cool charisma and great friendship with new employee Park Yoon Joo despite different positions and generations.

Lastly, U-Know will portray the role named Seo Dong Hoon. He is the representative of the public relations agency. He is a free and flexible person who can compromise with the limitations of reality.


Are you excited to watch the upcoming office drama “Race”?

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