Upcoming film “Gentleman” confirms its premiere!

The upcoming movie “Gentleman” starring Joo Ji Hoon, Park Sung Woong, and Choi Sung Eun is confirmed for release this month.

On December 8th, film distributor Plus Entertainment released the official poster of the upcoming movie “Gentleman.” Through the release of the poster, it was also officially confirmed that the film will be released in South Korea on December 28. 

“Gentleman” will tell the story of Private Investigator Ji Hyun Soo. He was framed for murder and gets caught up in a bigger case. With the help of Prosecutor Kim Hwa Jin, Ji Hyun Soo will pretend to be a prosecutor to find a missing client and chases bad guys in every possible way whether it’s legal or illegal. 

This film is the debut work of director Kim Kyung Won. Other casts of the movie include Park Hae Eun, Han Dong Hee, and Ko Ju Hee.

“Gentleman” will be out on December 28th.

Joo Ji Hoon will portray the role of Ji Hyun Soo. He is the president of Heungshinso and will disguise himself as a prosecutor. In the poster, Ji Hyun Soo quoted, “Do you need manners to chase bad guys?” This line gives more curiosity about his character in the upcoming film. This will be the last project of Joo Ji Hoon for the year. In 2023, the actor will be busy with upcoming K-dramas “Dominant Species,” “Severe Trauma Center: Golden Hour,” and films “Silence” and “Along with the Gods 3.”

Choi Sung Eun will play the role of Kim Hwa Jin. She is a prosecutor who warns Ji Hyun Soo of punishing the bad guys. This movie will be Choi Sung Eun’s follow-up project after starring in the Netflix original series “The Sound of Magic.”

Lastly, Park Sung Woong will act as Kwon Do Hoon, a former noble prosecutor, and lawyer at a prestigious law firm. He will be the villain of the film. This is the fourth movie of the actor for 2022. He has starred in the films “Hunt,” “A Man of Reason,” and “Daemuga: Sorrow and Joy.” 


Are you excited to see the transformation of Joo Hi Hoon into a fake prosecutor in the upcoming film “Gentleman”?

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