Moon Sang Min and Jeon Jong Seo will possibly work together in a new web novel based K-drama!

Moon Sang Min and Jeon Jong Seo might be the main leads of the upcoming new K-drama “Wedding Impossible” (working title).

On December 7th, several news outlets reported that Moon Sang Min and Jeon Jong Seo have been picked to lead the upcoming web novel based drama “Wedding Impossible.” 

Both the agencies of the actors responded quickly with the circulating reports. According to their agencies, “Wedding Impossible” is one of the works that they are currently reviewing. They also revealed that they had a meeting with the production team.

“Wedding Impossible” will tell the story of a struggling actress who will fake an engagement with a conglomerate in exchange for 500 million won. She will then get an objection from her future brother-in-law and on top of that, she will later realize that her fake fiance is gay. The story will be based on the Kakao web novel of the same name.

There are no official details yet on the broadcast channel and release date of “Wedding Impossible.”

If Moon Sang Min confirms his casting, this will be his first-ever leading role for a broadcast network. This year, Moon Sang Min gained great attention after starring in the recently ended k-drama “Under the Queen’s Umbrella.” The actor is currently receiving several offers from various advertisements and other works. 

Aside from “Wedding Impossible,” Moon Sang Min will also star in the upcoming k-drama “Duty After School” with Shin Hyun Soo, Kim Ki Hae, Im Se Mi, Shin Hye Ji, Ahn Do Kyu, Choi Moon Hee, and more. 

Meanwhile, if Jeon Jong Seo confirms her casting for “Wedding Impossible,” this will be her first ever romance drama. The actress made her debut in the K-drama world this year through the Netflix original series “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area – Part 1.” She also starred in the TVING original K-drama “Bargain.” 

Before the year ends, Jeon Jong Seo will be seen in the continuation of “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area Part 2.”

Jeon Jong Seo is also set to star in the upcoming 2023 film “Ballerina.” 


Do you think Moon Sang Min and Jeon Jong Seo will have a good chemistry in the upcoming K-drama “Wedding Impossible”?

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