4 Reasons to Watch the K-drama “Reborn Rich”

“Reborn Rich” has been grabbing headlines ever since its release on 18 November 2022. The K-drama broke records when it premiered with the highest drama premiere rating of the year and the second-highest premier rating in JTBC history.

Cut-Throat Family Feuds

Greedy sons of conglomerate families fighting over inheritance is a typical K-drama trope. And a conflict K-drama like “Reborn Rich” is no exception. The kins of the Jin family are constantly getting at each other’s throats as they each want to sit on the throne of the family empire. Siblings see each other as threats and don’t hesitate to plot against one another. 

But what’s worse is Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min) – the head of the Jin family – has no intentions of stopping the competition among his children. He is a businessman who has an insatiable greed for money. He wants an heir who shares his ideals and will continue to grow the Soonyang Group business empire even after his death. 

The burgeoning tension involving money, feuds, and politics makes us never miss an episode of this fantasy K-drama.  

Song Joong Ki’s Table-Turning Tactics

The first few episodes tell us that Yoon Hyun Woo (Song Joong Ki) – reborn as Jin Do Joon – has no intentions of living a pampered life as the youngest male member of the affluent family. Instead, he harbors a cold revenge in his heart for the betrayal he faced in his previous life and uses his knowledge of the future to predict events, which eventually earns him a good amount of money and influence. He also uses the greed and friction among the Jin family members to his advantage without them even realizing it. 

Looking at the larger picture, Do Joon is the puppet master and Jin’s family members are the puppets who unknowingly play into his hands. 

A Perfect Blend of Fantasy and History

Set in the 90s, “Reborn Rich” gives us multiple glimpses into Modern Korean history, like the Korean economic crisis of 1997 and how Korean citizens were severely affected by it. The K-drama deftly blends the actual historical facts with the fictional plot, thereby increasing the anticipation with every episode. 

Strong Performances

Song Joong Ki’s splendid performance, first as Yoon Hyun Woo and then as Jin Do Joon, does not fail to impress us. His debonair charm, paired with his cold-blooded revenge, gives a unique personality to his character. 

Lee Sung Min also does a phenomenal job playing Jin Yang Cheol, a greedy head of the Soonyang Group who will go to any lengths to make his business empire the greatest anyone has ever seen. 

He didn’t even hesitate to kick out his own son Jin Yoon Ki (Kim Young Jae) – who pursued his passion and joined the entertainment industry – because he no longer considers Yoon Ki useful for the Soonyang Group. 

Yang Cheol lacks compassion, and his greed blinds him from others’ pain. 

The drama’s star-studded cast also includes Shin Hyun Bin (as Seo Min Young), Kim Jung Nan (as Son Jung Rae), Yoon Je Moon (Jin Young Ki), Jo Han Chul (as Jin Dong Ki), and Jung Hye Young (Lee Hae In), among many others. 

When and where to watch the K-drama “Reborn Rich”?

The drama airs every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and currently streams on Viki

What did you like most about the JTBC drama “Reborn Rich”?

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