Han Seok Kyu and Kim Seo Hyung’s K-drama “Recipe for Farewell” confirms its premiere!

Watcha’s original series “Recipe for Farewell” will officially premiere next month.

On November 17th, Watcha released the official poster of the upcoming k-drama “Recipe for Farewell.” It was also included in the poster that the series will begin airing starting on December 1st, 2022. 

“Recipe for Farewell” will be the directorial debut on the small screen of director Lee Ho Jae (“SORI: Voice from the Heart” and (“The Scam”). The series will be produced by Ace Maker Movie Works and Beyond J.

The series will revolve around a husband who cooks meals for his terminally ill wife. The wife has a hard time eating because of her digestive problem and asks her husband to cook for her every day. The husband decided to do it even though he was only skilled in cooking ramen. Every day, he cooks for his wife with love and care. The series adapted the story from the non-fiction novel by Kang Chang Rae. 

“Recipe for Farewell” will be led by Han Seok Kyu, Kim Seo Hyung, and Jin Ho Eun.

Han Seok Kyu will give life to the character named Kang Chang Rae. He is a translator and a humanities instructor. He is the husband of Kim Seo Hyung’s character named Da Jung. Da Jung on the other hand is suffering from terminal bowel cancer. She asks his husband to prepare meals for her every day. 

Jin Ho Eun will portray the role of Kang Jae Ho, the offspring of Kang Chang Rae and Da Jung in the series. 

“Recipe for Farewell” will exclusively air on the OTT platform, Watcha. 

In the released main poster, Kang Chang Rae is seen serving his wife Da Jung his prepared meal. A phrase was also included stating, “a record of warmth in a bowl.” The fondness of the couple with each other is evident in the poster as Da Jung looks fondly at his husband and Chang Rae serving affectionately his wife. 

The background visuals of the posters also showcase the warmth of the house they live in making the viewers feel the preciousness of the family’s daily life. 


Are you going to watch the premiere of the drama “Recipe for Farewell”?

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