Lee Ha Nee will possibly return to K-dramas through MBC

Lee Ha Nee is in talks to lead the upcoming MBC k-drama “Flowers Bloom At Night” (literal translation).

On November 16th, media outlets reported that Lee Ha Nee will be the main lead of the upcoming K-drama titled “Flowers Bloom At Night.” 

Lee Ha Nee’s agency Saram Entertainment responded to the circulating reports. The agency revealed that the actress did receive the offer and she is positively reviewing it. 

If Lee Ha Nee confirms her casting, this will be her comeback k-drama after getting married and giving birth. 

Lee Ha Nee last starred in the hit 2021 series “One the Woman” wherein she worked alongside Lee Sang Yoon. Lee Won Keun. Jin Seo Yun, Song Won Seok, and Jeon Gook Hwan.

The actress is known for being part of several hit k-dramas and films. She was part of the box office movies “Extreme Job,” “Tazza: The Hidden Card,” and “Hit.” She also led the series “Please Come Back, Mister,” “Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People,” “The Fiery Priest,” and more. 

Aside from this upcoming MBC k-drama, Lee Ha Nee will reportedly lead the new series “Klaus 47” and she will also join the reported new season of “The Fiery Priest 2.” She is also included in the soon-to-air films “Killing Romance” and “Phantom.” 

The upcoming MBC k-drama will be directed by Jang Tae Yoo who’s known for creating the series “Lovers of the Red Sky,” “Hyena,” and “My Love from the Star.” 

The series will be a comic investigative historical drama that will showcase the double life of a widow.

It will exclusively premiere on MBC. There is no official information yet about the broadcast dates, filming schedules, and other casting details.


Do you wish to see Lee Ha Nee return to K-drama scene with a comic historical series?

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