4 Reasons To Watch The K-Drama “One Dollar Lawyer”

4 Reasons To Watch The K-Drama Series
“One Dollar Lawyer”

K-drama fans have been raving about One Dollar Lawyer, not only because of its strong ensemble but also due to its unique plot. 

If you are still in doubt that this drama will be worth your time, then read on to find out what you are missing out on!

A Dynamic Storyline

K-dramas have often amazed us with their unique plots and fresh perspectives. And “One Dollar Lawyer” is definitely among those dramas which will surprise you with its dynamic storyline. The drama is a typical good guy vs. bad guy trope, but with a whole lot of quirkiness and goofiness into it. 

Elemental to law and crime dramas, “One Dollar Lawyer” also throws curveballs your way when you least expect them.

Moreover, in the earlier episodes, it seems like any other law drama in which an upright lawyer always defends his clients and saves them from unfair punishment. But when the story behind the lawyer’s past unfolds, it creates tension and suspense and keeps the viewers anticipating the next episode. 

Quirky Characters

Cheon Ji Hun
(Namkoong Min)

When all the evidence points to the accused, and there is not even the slightest ray of hope left, Cheon Ji Hoon, AKA One Dollar Lawyer, comes and says to the victim, “I will save you”. 

But he is not your ordinary lawyer. His way of solving cases leaves even the judges baffled and prosecutors challenged. And when the priciest attorneys charge a fortune to their wealthy clients, Cheon Ji Hoon rescues his clients from court troubles with a fee of only 1 dollar. And sometimes he solves their problems without even going to the court. 

His swag and goofiness give comic relief to the serious plot and keep the viewer’s entertained throughout the drama.

Baek Ma Ri
(Kim Ji Eun)

On the other hand, is our chic female lead – Baek Ma Ri.

Our female K-drama lawyers and prosecutors are known to be fierce. And Baek Ma Ri is no exception. Hailing from a rich family in the legal profession, she is a graduate of the Judicial Research and Training Institute. She has a strong sense of justice and commitment. 

But despite being born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Baek Ma Ri is seen sympathizing with the poor sufferers who were victimized by the rich and powerful. 

Our chic, feisty, and intelligent law professional has a strong will with a soft heart. 

At the beginning of the drama, the leads are seen against each other in the courtroom. But when circumstances bring these two characters together, it’s a houseful for entertainment. 

Other characters in the drama like Sa Mu Jang (Park Jin Woo), Seo Min Hyeok (Choi Dae Hoon), and Na Ye Jin (Gong Min Jung) among others, also present unique characters and give the drama a smooth flow. 

Comedy At Its Peak

The drama is well-equipped with comic scenes. Cheon Ji Hoon, despite having a strong sense of responsibility, displays a goofy character who plays around and takes unthinkable risks. He and Baek Ma Ri are often seen pulling each other’s legs. 

Moreover, the drama also has subtle humorous scenes which can be good laugh-out-loud moments. 

For example (Don’t worry. No spoilers here!), in episode 3, when Cheon Ji Hoon assigns Baek Ma Ri as his lawyer, she is trying to refuse and is calling him respectively when he is walking away, “Wait, Mr. Cheon! Mr. Cheon!”. But when he doesn’t turn after persistently calling, she loses it and angrily calls out, “Hey jerk!”. And he finally turns around. 

This scene really gave me a good laugh. 

There are more such instances where the characters subtly drop a bomb and have you rolling on the floor. 

A Perfect Blend of Genres

If you thought this legal drama is a straightforward comedy, then you are in for a big surprise. Apart from comedy, it perfectly blends genres like melodrama, romance and suspense. It can make you laugh and sadden your heart at the same time. There are surprises in every episode and fun in every corner. 

The plot seems simple in the beginning, but as you advance in the drama, you will realize that there is a bigger play at hand. 

On the whole, “One Dollar Lawyer” is a fun watch that makes you wanting for more. 

Where to watch the drama?

“One Dollar Lawyer” was released on October 29th.
You can watch the series on Disney + and Disney+ Hotstar. 

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