Baek Jin Hee and Kwak Si Yang both confirmed for a new KBS weekend K-drama

Baek Jin Hee and Kwak Shi Yang will be the main leads of the upcoming KBS weekend drama “The Real Thing Appears.”

Just last week, it was reported that Baek Jin Hee and Kwak Shi Yang were in talks to lead the new KBS series. On November 14th, KBS officially confirmed that Baek Jin Hee and Kwak Shi Yang will work together for the upcoming fake contract romance drama titled “The Real Thing Appears.”

“The Real Thing Appears” will depict the story of a single mother and a man who hasn’t been married. It will revolve around a family that will grow together through pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare. 

The upcoming series will be the collaboration between director Han Joon Seo (“Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life” and “Immortal Admiral Yi Sun Shin”) and writer Jo Jung Joo (“Are You Human Too?” and “Cheer Up, Mr. Kim!”).

“The Real Thing Appears” will air in 2023 after “Three Bold Siblings” ends.

Baek Jin Hee will play the role of Oh Yeon Doo, a Korean language instructor. She’s famous in the internet lecture world. She is a charismatic lecturer who has both a career and a love life. After breaking up with her boyfriend, she will face a shocking incident in her life. 

This will be the comeback of Baek Jin Hee in the drama scene after five years. She will also return to the big screen in the upcoming film “Skip” with Song Jae Rim and Bae Yoo Ram.

Kwak Shi Yang will play the role of Gong Tae Kyung. He is one of the best obstetrics and gynecology infertility clinic specialist. He is an unmarried man. He will meet Oh Yeon Doo in the hospital and their lives will get entangled. 

This will be the first k-drama of Kwak Shi Yang for 2023. This year, he starred in the k-dramas “Rookie Cops” and “Café Minamdang.” He also appeared in the variety program “My Little Old Boy.” 


Are you excited about the upcoming KBS weekend drama “The Real Thing Appears”?

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