Baek Jin Hee and Kwak Shi Yang under discussion to star in a new KBS series

Baek Jin Hee and Kwak Shi Yang may be the new tandem in a KBS K-drama.

According to several media outlets on November 10th, Baek Jin Hee and Kwak Shi Yang will be the main leads of the upcoming K-drama titled “The Real Thing Appears” (literal translation). 

“The Real Thing Appears” will tell the story of a single mother and a man who hasn’t been married. 

Baek Jin Hee’s agency ANDMARQ Studio Agency responded to the casting reports. According to them, the actress is positively considering starring in the upcoming drama. 

Kwak Shi Yang’s side also commented on the casting news. His agency Drawing Entertainment revealed that the actor is also reviewing the offer to lead the upcoming K-drama. 

“The Real Thing Appears” will be part of the weekend K-drama of KBS 2TV. 

Baek Jin Hee got the offer to play the role of the female lead named Yeon Doo while Kwak Shi Yang will possibly act as the male lead named Tae Kyung.

There are no official details yet on the premiere of “The Real Thing Appears.”

If Baek Jin Hee confirms her casting, this will be her official return to k-drama world after five years. She last starred in the 2018 series “Feel Good to Die.” In the past years, the actress made a special appearance in the k-dramas “My Fellow Citizens!” and “My Holo Love.” Aside from this upcoming drama, Baek Jin Hee will also return to the movie scene with “Skip.” She will be working with Song Jae Rim and Bae Yoo Ram.

Meanwhile, if Kwak Shi Yang confirms his casting, this will be his next upcoming drama. In 2022, the actor was part of the k-dramas “Rookie Cops” and “Café Minamdang.” 


Do you think Baek Jin Hee and Kwak Shi Yang will be a good match in a drama?

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