Jo Jin Woong to make a special appearance in Ra Mi Ran’s upcoming JTBC K-drama

Jo Jin Woong will reportedly return to the k-drama world with JTBC’s “Bad Mother.”

On November 9th, media outlet SPOTV News shared that Jo Jin Woong will reportedly make a special appearance in the JTBC series “Bad Mother.” It was also revealed that the actor already finished filming for his cameo role. 

This will possibly be the comeback of Jo Jin Woong to the small screen after seven years. The actor last appeared in the k-dramas “Entourage” and “Signal.” 

Since 2016, Jo Jin Woong has only starred in films. He was part of the movies “Bluebeard,” “The Sheriff in Town,” “Man of Will,” “Believer,” “The Spy Gone North,” “Intimate Strangers,” “The Policeman’s Lineage,” and more. 

Jo Jin Woong is also set to lead the upcoming films “Believer 2” and “Mongyudowondo.” He will also make a special appearance in the movie “The Boys.”

“Bad Mother” will be the latest drama of Ra Mi Ran. She will be working with Lee Do Hyun, Ahn Eun Jin, Yoo In Soo, Seo Yi Sook, and Kim Won Hae in the series. 

The upcoming series will be a healing comedy that will revolve around a mother who had no choice but to be a bad mother to her children and her prosecutor son who will lose his memory and becomes thinking like a child again.

Ra Mi Ran will play the role of Young Soon, the bad mother to her son. Lee Do Hyun will play the role of Kang Ho, the son of Young Soon who became a prosecutor as per her mother’s wish. One day, he lost his memory and will act like a young kid once again. 

“Bad Mother” will be one of the k-dramas that will be part of JTBC’s lineup. The series will be directed by Shim Na Yeon and written by Bae Se Young.


Are you curious about what role will Jo Jin Woong portray in the upcoming k-drama “Bad Mother”?

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