5 Reasons To Watch: “The Beauty of War”

5 Reasons To Watch: “The Beauty of War”

When it comes to celebrities and the elite, they always seem to have some kind of unspeakable connection since outsiders like us don’t get to see the whole picture on either side. Without a doubt, any drama that revolves around either of these groups have some of the most dramatic, juiciest plots; just like the K-Drama “The Penthouse”.  Imagine a world where the glitz and glamour of being a celebrity is no match for a distinguished elite family member.  As viewers, we crave an inside look at the magical world and aura that is the upper class.

Here is the Hong Kong Drama – The Beauty of War.


Chung Ka Bo, Lam Siu Mei and Lee Ching Yee are three friends who are as close as sisters. Ka Bo is nominated by Siu Mei to participate in their school’s beauty contest, where she makes a splash and is recruited by a manager, Wong Yat Yin. Ka Bo’s challenges begin as she enters the “battlefield” of the entertainment industry, and she finds herself struggling to balance her newfound fame and her longtime friendships.

1. The Evil Step-Sister.

The Beauty of War stars Jeannie Chan (playing as Chung Ka Po) and Angel Chiang (playing as Chung Ka Kei) as step-sisters. In the first three episodes that aired, Angel Chiang’s character really stood out as the “evil step-sister”. The story began with the main characters as high schoolers. At the time, Ka Kei seduces the school counselor for money but she plays innocent and blames it on Ka Po. They end up being kidnapped by Mr. Ma. While Ka Po tries her best to save themselves, Ka Kei only cares about herself. She pushes Ka Po towards Mr. Ma to buy her extra seconds to run away. She has tons of emotions in her eyes after the incident but definitely not empathy nor guilt. On the other hand, Ka Po felt troubled about her used-to-be-good step-sister becoming a selfish, materialistic, cold-blood person.

2. The Friendship That Went South.

This drama has two main timelines, the past and the present. From the past timeline, we can see that Ka Po grows up with her two best friends. They support each other through highs and lows throughout their teenage and young adult years. However, fast forward to the present, and their friendship is no longer the same! Instead, the atmosphere is hostile when they see each other.

3. The Transformation of Ka Po.

When the series began, Ka Po was an innocent and naïve girl who believes in the good of everyone. No matter how many times Ka Kei betrays or sets her up, she still believes her and respects Ka Kei as her younger sister. But as the story develops, she becomes a strong, independent woman. When Ka Kei threatened her, she stands up for herself and tells Ka Kei to back off. She confidently tells Ka Kei that she is not afraid because she is no longer the Ka Po that she used to be.

4. A Sneak Peek at Hong Kong’s Entertainment Industry.

One of the reasons that contributed to Ka Po’s growth was entering the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry is a dog-eat-dog world where kindness and naivety won’t get you any fame nor success. Her journey to becoming a superstar is filled with traps, rejections, and criticisms. This drama definitely gives a sneak peek at how tough things are in the industry.

5. The Distinctive Characters.

One thing that gets people hooked on the drama is its characters. On top of the main leads, the supporting characters also have very different traits. Even as a minor role, his/her personality always contributes to the plot and makes the whole story multi-dimensional. Plus, the changes in a character’s behavior awakens your curiosity, you just can’t wait to see what will happen next. 

In conclusion, “The Beauty of War” is a type of drama that has fascinating plots and twists that encourages people to keep watching. It is totally worth giving it a try!

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