Kim Yoon Seok and Yoon Kye Sang will reportedly join hands in a new K-drama!

Kim Yoon Seok and Yoon Kye Sang are in discussion to work together for the latest K-drama titled “In The Forest with No One.”

Several new k-dramas are reported daily and another star-studded one will be added to the list. 

According to several media outlets On November 3rd, Kim Yoon Seok and Yoon Kye Sang will be in one K-drama soon. In particular, this will be the return of Kim Yoon Seok to the drama scene after 16 years. 

“In The Forest with No One” will be directed by Mo Wan Il, the person behind the great dramas “The World of the Married,” “Misty,” and “A Beautiful Mind.”

The upcoming series will depict the story of Sang Joon, who manages a motel in the province in the summer of 2000, and Young Ha, who ran a pension alone in the forest in the summer of 2021. The story will revolve around the same season, similar events, and two men at two different times. The two made a difference choices but they will still get intertwined. 

Kim Yoon Seok got the offer to play the role of Jeon Young Ha. He decided to take over a pension in the deep forest with the use of his retirement pension and bank debt. His quiet life in the forest will be shaken by a mysterious guest.

Meanwhile, Yoon Kye Sang will possibly play the role of Sang Joon. He decided to acquire motels in the provinces after the IMF crisis. His ordinary days will be shaken after an incident occurred.

There is no official release date yet for “In The Forest with No One.” 

Before Kim Yoon Seok stars in the upcoming drama, he will first join the upcoming films “Noryang: Sea of Death,” “Virus,” and “Big Family.” 

Yoon Kye Sang on the other hand will first star in the upcoming drama “The Married Couple Is Jobless” before he joins “In The Forest with No One.”


Do you wish to see Kim Yoon Seok and Yoon Kye Sang in one K-drama?

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