Bridal Mask: Not Another Overrated Drama

A new era has begun! Bridal Mask (aka Gaksital) became MDL’s Top Rated drama finally putting an end to 1 Litre of Tears’ reign. Who else, besides me, thought that day would never come? I suppose a few people think Gaksital is just a hyped up drama which doesn’t really deserve the #1 spot. If you think about it, that might have also been the case with the previous #1. As always, it’s just a matter of tastes. But that is really not the case with Gaksital. The drama really deserves all the attention it’s been getting.

If you still haven’t watched it and are undecided whether you should give it a try or not, I’ll point out some reasons why you definitely should.

1. The Acting. The drama has a pretty strong cast and almost all of them were great in their roles. It’s easy to get immersed in the story because of their emotional and heartfelt acting. The “baddies” will make sure you hate them and you’ll cheer on the “goodies”. There are even some characters in the grey area which will make you waver between hate and pity a few times and there’s even one you’ll end up loving and admiring. Well, if she becomes one of your favorites that is.


2. The Story, it’s simply amazing. It’s truly well written, solid, action-packed, and riveting. You might also shed a tear, or ten while watching it since it has some very emotional and drama-filled scenes. I miss the rush of anxiously waiting for new episodes. 


3. Joo Won.  Yes, I know I’m totally biased and I have a HUGE noona crush on him. I’ve also been driving uri unnie PinkDiamond crazy on PM with my random comments; some brought on from watching 1N2D and others which just seem to pop up out of nowhere. Unnie, you’ve had a hard time, right? BUT! He is truly an amazing actor and his acting is always spot on.


4. A really epic, chill-inducing, hair raising, heart swelling ending. That’s what I experienced while watching it.

I think those four reasons are enough to give you the motivation to, at least, give the drama a try. But I feel it’s only fair to give a warning, or two, about the things I didn’t like about it.

1. Mok Dan, the “main” female character, she sucks. She’s utterly useless and only had the one expression. And if you end up hating her as much as I did then here comes the second warning…

2. Don’t expect a great love story to happen because it won’t. 

Here’s one of the awesome teasers.

So as uri maknae beca256 said:

“Watch it and you’ll understand why it’s so good! It has nothing to do with the hype!”

Go watch it! Ka! Go! What are you waiting for?

Editors Note: If you’ve watched Bridal Mask already, what other reasons are there for someone who hasn’t seen it, to watch it? Write them in the comments below, and please don’t post any spoilers. Thanks <3 

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