Writing Articles!! Why not ?

It’s been a while since I wanted to write an article to encourage MDL users to write articles. I also wanted to tell you how I started writing articles and how much I loved it. Why? Because I believe most of MDL users are just afraid, hesitant, and maybe lack the confidence just like I was before my sister encouraged me to apply. Hearing about someone’s personal experience about something you wanted to try but was afraid of or didn’t have the chance to do would relieve you and give the right dose of courage you need to take a step forward.

Starting with reasons why I think MDL users won’t write along with some solutions I thought about (just my thoughts):

1) Lousy writing skills or bad English:

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Don’t worry, I had zero talent before, and the only articles I’ve ever written were homework for school (about pollution or global warming), and English is not my first language nor my second. My first article Kdrama: a source of inspiration was poorly written, short and lack explanation. I tried to make my second article better and longer, but I ended up making it too long, and maybe even dull and so on. Each time I write, I learn from the previous article by either searching on the internet or asking for advice. This is a chance to improve your writing skills and English at the same time. Another method of learning is reading. I read a lot of articles and sometimes took notes until I finally found an idea about what I want to write.

2) Busy schedule (school, work, daily responsibilities):

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This one is the hardest to deal with. If I say manage your time and balance between both, everyone would say easier said than done. I personally had no problem with this one. I’m a high school student, and like any other student, I’m busy with homework and exams, so I only write on weekends and vacations. As an MDL writer, you’re not obliged to write daily or weekly, you write whenever you feel like it. Some may be afraid because they think it’s some sort of responsibility or a commitment, but it’s not don’t feel pressured or forced. Give school/work/daily responsibilities the right amount of attention and your free time to writing. For example, I haven’t written a single word in the past month even though I have lots of free time since it’s summer, but I just didn’t feel like it, and my mind was blank. Now that I found some ideas, I started writing again.

3) Afraid of being judged:

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No matter how strong someone can be, they would still care about other’s opinion. Personally, the thing I care about the most when writing is the comments, that’s why as soon as my article is published, I would constantly check the comments section. Well, “the majority” of MDL users are nice and friendly cheering you up with their comments, some may give you advice or criticize the article but in a good way and any effort is welcome. I also learned that you don’t have to seek other’s approval with what you do as long as you’re satisfied with it than ignore whoever tries to judge your work in an insulting way. Don’t let such a small issue take away your confidence and keep you from doing something that may benefit you.

4) Simply “not interested”:

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Probably the most common reason, “not interested” is the easiest reply to anything, but how do you know it’s not worth your interest if you don’t give it a try? Who knows if you had the passion for writing in you but never gave yourself the chance to explore it. Besides, MDL gives you the freedom to write about whatever you want; therefore, you have unlimited space of topics to talk about. You can start with a stalker’s guide to your favourite actor/actress or a drama review or recent news you heard about. You will undoubtedly be interested in one of those or feel free to choose your own topic ( I gave these ideas because some say that they don’t have any idea what to write about ).

That’s all I thought about. If you have any other reasons, you can comment below, and I will reply for sure.

Now to tell a bit about my personal experience with writing:

Won’t make it too long! To listen or to read about another’s personal experience with something you want to do is the best cure for your fear or hesitation. It’s not that interesting though just sharing my story, hoping it could benefit others. So here goes nothing (PS: I know I’m the weirdest):

MDL needs writers! After reading one of the articles below (I forgot which one exactly), I was excited to apply, but I was too hesitant and somehow afraid. I thought it was some sort of commitment and I had to write according to a schedule, and if I don’t, I will no longer be allowed to write on this site! Crazy, right? 

Another reason why is that I am always afraid of what would others think of what I do and I always have the worst scenario playing in my head whether it’s an article or a school project. I had these questions clouding my mind when writing my first article: “What if nobody likes it? Worse, what if nobody even reads it? What if they say they hate it? That would be so embarrassing! My article is definitely going to be the worst! What if they don’t publish it? What if I’m making a fool out of myself? ….”  I felt like screaming.  

Well, then came winter holidays and my older sister who lives in another city, finally had time to visit the family and stay for two weeks. I had someone to talk to about it since mom wouldn’t understand (she’s the type of mother that thinks anything that’s not related to school is unnecessary and a waste of time which is totally wrong). I had a conversation with my sister, and she was about to kick me for not applying as soon as I read the article. She said aside from calling me a stupid coward that it’s good to finally have a hobby instead of watching a drama all day and that’s a great chance to improve my writing skills and practice English grammar. Damn, she was right! Both are ten times better now. 

As for my fear of people’s comments or reactions, it’s getting better too because MDL users are lovely and caring always giving me advice, even defending me in some situations. True, I had thoughts like these while writing this article “What if someone said <<Nobody wants to hear your stupid story>> or <<Why are you encouraging people to write articles if you’re just a member, not a VIP or something. This is not your job.>> or <<Your story was long, tedious and didn’t help at all.>> but I know by now that it’s just me overthinking. In my first article Kdrama: a source of inspiration, which I filled with pictures so nobody notices how short it was, received a good reaction and I felt proud and satisfied with my work. The happiness of achievement is the n°1 reason why I want other MDL users to write.

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