Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku (Live Action in Kdrama?)

WotakWotaku KoW

Hirotaka Nifuji and Narumi Momose were good friends in middle school, with Hirotaka being a gaming otaku and Narumi being a fujoshi. As adults, they discover that they work at the same company and that they still have the same geeky interests, and their friendship is rekindled. At work, they retain a professional and mature persona, but around each other, they can be themselves. Together with their co-workers Hanako and Kabakura (Tsundere Couple) who were also otaku themselves, deliver a great and funny story while showing us the real-life adult relationship, compromising and accepting each other’s flaws.

While I’m a big fan of anime and manga, the Japan live-action was scheduled by next year. I constructed my own set of Korean version that I think will fit into the roles.  🙂

Narumi Momose is a bubbly, cute and petite fair-skinned young woman, but despite her appearance, she is a hardcore otaku that also has a wild imagination when it comes to the heroin character in the manga. I saw Jin Ki Joo in the drama Wednesday 3:30 PM and Come and Hug Me in which she plays a cute girl next door type of character. She has the same personality as Narumi, and I think she will do great. Actually, I also considered Kwon Yoo Ri when I saw her in Go Ho’s Starry Night. She got a great personality and acting in there, but Jin Ki Joo got a slight lead for me.

Ughhh… It took me some time to find someone that can portray Hirotaka. He is a serious guy, kind of a nerd, and a very diligent employee. After the long deliberation in my head, Kang Ki Young is my choice. He got many supporting roles, and all of them were great. Some of his characters were like Hirotaka so I will give it a go. Jung Hae In was also a contender, but who can resist Kang Ki Young acting, eh?

My Favorite character is Hanako Koyanagi. She’s fierce, compose and a very reliable co-worker. Then when it comes to being an otaku, she’s wild and loves to do weird things. She’s a funny one. Hence I needed to find someone who is mature enough to be her. I’m a fan of Song Ji Hyo since Running Man, My Wife is having an affair this week and Frozen Flower, and we cannot deny that she was a bad-ass, fierce woman but also can be cute sometimes. She is a great beautiful actress, indeed.

My dream boyfriend is Kabakura. For me, he’s the most mature one of the group. He’s very reliable as a co-worker like Hanako with a brusque but sweet manly type of character. He and Hanako have this love-hate relationship, and Jo In Sung was the perfect character for that. Don’t believe me? Watch him in It’s okay that’s love. I’m also thinking about Jung Kyung Ho and Park Hae Jin. What do you think?

One supporting character is Hirotaka’s younger brother Naoya Nifuji. Unlike his brother, Naoya has a sweet personality, and happy go lucky type of guy, so Hong Bin was the best for the role. Hong Bin has this great smile and bubbly personality like him. I knew him in the dramas Wednesday 3:30 PM and Moorim School. It will be a significant interaction between him and Jin Ki Joo as his brother’s girlfriend.

Another supporting character is Ko. She is a fan of playing games a became a good friend of Naoya. She got short hair and a boyish look, so she’s often mistaken as a boy. Ko is shy and has a habit of saying sorry to others. Honestly, I cannot find someone that I will like, but I saw Kim Sae Ron while searching for Korean teen actress and I think maybe, she will be a good looking short hair teenage girl.

Try to watch the anime guys! It’s only 11 episodes (too short), so please tell me if I chose the right actor for each character. 🙂


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