[Video] MyDramaList’s Top 12 Highest Rated Korean Films of 2019

MyDramaList’s Top 12 Highest Rated Korean Films of 2019

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Here are the MyDramaList Best Korean Films of 2019!

12) Miss and Mrs. Cops  https://mydramalist.com/28653-girl-cops
 11) The Divine Fury https://mydramalist.com/30565-the-divine-fury 
10) Love Buzz https://mydramalist.com/34545-love-buzz 
9) The Odd Family: Zombie on Sale https://mydramalist.com/25783-strange-family 
8) The Gangster, The Cop and the Devil  https://mydramalist.com/30354-villain-story 
7) Tune In For Love https://mydramalist.com/30942-joyful-music-album 
6) The Dude In Me https://mydramalist.com/28713-the-man-inside-me 
5) Extreme Job https://mydramalist.com/28134-extreme-job 
4) Exit https://mydramalist.com/28794-exit 
3) Juror 8 https://mydramalist.com/28968-jury 
2) Innocent Witness https://mydramalist.com/28997-witness 
1) Parasite :  https://mydramalist.com/23429-parasite 

Which Korean Film of 2019 did you like the most?

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